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Reggaeton Punks
2 min readDec 17, 2021


Please bear in mind, plans are subject to change.

We have our roadmap planned out but something big might happen that results in roadmap delays. This could happen for both good and bad reasons.

Imagine if Reggaeton Artists contacted us for a collaborations. I’m pretty sure the community would favor that over a utility token— We could be wrong.


We will steadily drop ReggaetonPunks™️ in small batches over the next couple/few weeks/months until there are 100 in the wild. Follow our twitter & instagram to stay up to date with drop announcements.

How are they priced?

As of right now, each ReggaetonPunk(with the exception of Rainbow) is being listed for .05 ETH. This price is not set in stone, and we may adjust it based on demand (if the ReggaetonPunks keep instantly selling out, we may increase the price). Regardless, the maximum price we will ever list a ReggaetonPunk is .25 ETH (with the exception of auctions). This gives early collectors a chance to sell them for a profit on the secondary market if the price shoots up.

Each of the Rainbow ReggaetonPunks will be put up for auction.
(the highest price will win with a minimum bid of 1 ETH)
These punks will include unique utilities, see you on the other side of
the rainbow.

Got merch?

An exclusive ReggaetonPunks merch line will drop. This will be hats, T-shirts, & hoodies! We already have several designs done and ready to go!

Wen airdrop…

We are planning a special airdrop for all ReggaetonPunks holders. Stay tuned.


There is the possibility of dropping a RP utility token💊. We are in the very early stages of planning this. If we come up w good use cases & benefits for holders & the community, we will release more info. What we don’t want to do is release a token that does nothing & flops. We have seen this happen with so many NFT projects & we don’t see a point going down that road. We want to add value to this project first and foremost.


10 ReggaetonPunks are reserved for Giveaways, Contests, Marketing & Team.

Future plans

The rest of the fate of this project will be determined by YOU, the community! Together, we plan to make this an ultra strong, fun loving, community! Let’s kick some culos! 🍑

Finally, there is a lot being discussed about potential partnerships and future developments of the project. Our focus for the time being is having a super smooth launch and delivering on everything listed above. We don’t think it is fair to over hype things for now that aren’t set in stone.



Reggaeton Punks

100 unique digital characters on the Ethereum blockchain. The first Reggaeton NFT on Ethereum. A project by @rosaperreo