Introducing… ReggaetonPunks™️

Reggaeton Punks
1 min readMar 16, 2021


ReggaetonPunks™️ is the first Reggaeton NFT collection on Ethereum and is our spin on the legendary CryptoPunks series. Each one is a unique 1/1 handmade NFT with a combination of attributes, some more rare than the other. There are 100 NFTs total in this series.

These 100 NFTs will showcase artists ranging from Bad Bunny to Ozuna, to Ivy Queen over to El General, with many in between.

What kind of attributes exist?

We will publish a more in depth write-up on the different attributes and their rarity. For now, we can say that rarity is based on a number of things. Each artist will have an accessory, the color or style of this accessory will be an attribute, and one color will be more scarce than another. Some will have music but most won’t. There are a few more attributes or traits that exist which will be made clearer in a future post.

Wen Drop?

We will be releasing a handful at a time over the next month or so. There will also be a few give aways here and there. Follow our twitter account to stay up to date.



Reggaeton Punks

100 unique digital characters on the Ethereum blockchain. The first Reggaeton NFT on Ethereum. A project by @rosaperreo